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Grrl @ Cat and Girl is my God

To quote:

Yoga pantsed
Veggie Eating
Organic Endorsing
NPR Listening
New York Times Bestseller Reading
Global Music Listening
Authority Endorsing
Yuppie Scum!

You move from purchase to purchase, guided by your self-interest in appropriating moral righteousness, that righteousness affirmed by your purchases. You can afford the "good," the organic, the tasteful. You deserve the "good."

What does that mean for those who cannot afford the "good"? Do they deserve the "bad"? Is their inferiority confirmed by these purchases? What do you deserve for using your privilege to perpetuate a symbolic moral righteousness that supports the legitimacy of capitalism and the inequalities it's hungry mouth demands?

/End Quote

I'd just like to say: Rock. That's great stuff.
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